In his paintings, graphic art, and photogrames Pavel Hayek focuses upon visual material at his direct disposal, which also reflects his approach to living nature and to things within his current reach and contact. He does not want to attract attention to the exclusiveness of his models; quite the other way round: he focuses upon their ordinariness, their everyday character. Just the patterns the shapes of which we may not realize during the "normal", the utilitarian contact, appear to be essential for him. Beyond any doubt, the most important feature of these Hayek's works is obviously his understanding of the whole picture area as a certain stucture sui generis. There is no single element to which the other elements should be subordinated, all of them having the same validity, the same degree of importance. There is no superimposed composition, the unit is created by correlations between the separate elements that are distributed at random over the area. These elements are no representations of any kind, being just precisely reflected contours or ground plans, either filled whith black, having white gaps in-between, or just the opposite, forming white surfaces with black interstices. Accordingly, there are meticulously traced objects whith all irreregularities and individual characteristics of each of them.


From the catalogue published for the exhibition in the Jaroslav Král Gallery in Brno 1993

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Pavel Hayek, Fotogramy, intervence do stálé expozice v 1. patře, Pražákův palác, Moravská galerie, Brno
15. 3. 2019 - září 2019
Pavel Hayek, Galerie 1 patro, Myslíkova 9, Praha
5. 4. - 27. 4. 2019
Pavel Hayek- mini retrospektiva, Galerie města Blanska
3. 2. - 17. 3. 2019
Pavel Hayek 2017/18, Galerie Artikle, Brno
26. 9. - 3. 11. 2018
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